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SPOTO benefits! My feedback of passing CCIE RS LAB

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  •   Posted on: 2019-07-09
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The CCIE LAB solution is same as SPOTO that has not much change but has encountered some problems. More info can be found in SPOTO Whatsapp study GROUP.




R101 did not get ip, view SW2's e1/0 is err-dis but R101's e0/0 configuration is ip that add dhcp cli e0/0 Host1 and no configuration mac. At first it feels very strange that R8 Show run | s dhcp. It is also a 3 address pool which is easy to receive interference.

At first, according to the R8's mac to modify, roll SW2 did not get up and later based on R101's show int e0/0 mac to modify SW2 and R8. pass.


R17 lacks configuration: ppp ipcp rou de


R22 route-id repeat


R13 has a distribution list deny

R11, R12, R13, R14 No metric weight 0 1 1 1 1 1 is configured resulting in an overhead other than 1703.


It seems that there is an 8-bit aggregation of 123 and 134 on R5, and it is not affected so it is not modified.

I can't remember where I changed but I only changed one wrong point. I usually practice this wrong point a lot.


R25's network internal network xxx:25:1 error in bgp that changed to network segment instead of ip address.


R15 lacks configuration: ip nhrp red

R19 authentication error

The R19 tracert phenomenon diagram is tracert user1spoke1. The following shows User1Spoke1. I also mentioned this problem when I saw the feedback on SPOTO so I did not modify it.

Go to R15show for a host and show our a lot of.


R7 8 is missing in the configuration of ip nat source list xxx.

R4 and R5 ibgp are not up, R5 is not configured with neighbor active

No ip ospf cost 1000 is configured on the R4 and R6 interfaces.


In the IKE state.

R24 ipsec has multiple errors. It is easy to change compared to R7


R24's e0/0 has secondary and removes the command.

Diag 2 :


Open DIAG at the beginning that feel a bit unaccustomed. The picture needs to go to the information side to open it and usually used to SPOTO one to have pictures.

Turn the page and find the configuration of R3. The RP is and it is determined to be Diag2.

The first big question of unknown is not so choose wrong .

I caught the brain and teased me. I typed icmpv6 == 134 to show no packet. I came back and asked everyone to know the mistake. Is icmpv6.type == 134 . But at the time, I didn't care. I chose 193 first. Later, when I have time, I will directly find all the messages of icmpv6. Look at 193,  I don't care so much that the route adver is not FE80:666.



Open the picture, a big Hollymayan was shown.



Vtp is all off

Some interfaces of the switch have already divided vlan and configuration into access interfaces for you but some do not need to be supplemented by themselves.

SW300 301 400 401 500 501 Convergence layer e3/0 is divided into vlan 2000, e3/1 is divided into vlan 2001. This can be seen through a form on the website.



SW510 Unlike SW310 and SW410, you need to pay attention to it.



Show run | s span

Fill in the missing command.

But show sp mst 1 on SW310 shows how e1/1 is missing.

View e1/1 interface, no other configuration, sw mo acc, sw acc vl 2001

Rolling the interface, default, restart is useless. Think of the interface belonging to vlan 2001 is not too much time here.



There is a pre-configured router os 1 , this sentence, other as usual


Pre-configured ospf, one station to checks route-id, show Ip os int b , SW110, SW111 No passive but there is network in bgp and do not modify it.



There are scattered pre-configured ospf which needs to be filled.

R24 does two-way redistribution



Bgp is pre-configured with ebgp neighbors and the ibgp part is configured.



R10-15 wants to add ipv4 to display add rece



Bgp is pre-configured with ebgp neighbors and those agg time can be added.

Check the neighbor status and find that everything except mpls is normal.



There is a picture showing the mpls area is ipv4 + vpnv4 At first. I saw the wrong one and thought that I didn't need to configure ipv4. Fortunately, I looked carefully.

Note that there is a pre-configured vrf, no RD, vrf is divided into e0/0 port.



The tunnel interface has a fragmented configuration, that is mtu, tcp ad and 3 sets of contrast can be added. There are also some configurations of nhrp. This is easy to see.

R51 R60 ipsec has keyring but no pre xx key. According to added the R14 key,

three bgp pre-equipped with labour and fill in the other.



Nothing changed. Demand has no ip proxy-arp



Need to be reminded here.

There are a lot of route-maps pre-configured by R24 which is easy to be confused.

Can see the flow of nat is deny 10.xx (16 bit)

The stream of interest for the R71 pre-configured with nat is route-m.

Match ip acces ex nat-acl (16 bit)

10 deny

20 per any

I didn't write the stream of interest of ipsec. I didn't want to modify the 16-bit traffic of Nat. I think there was a SPOTO student who passed the exam yesterday. I still changed it to

Ip acces ex nat-acl

10 deny

20 per any

Then write the stream of interest in ipsec access-li 100 permit ip

Compare R24's ipsec configuration with R71.

Look at the cry ses of the phenomenon graph R24, the display is 10.7 requires 24 bits.

There is no change in s2.7 s2.8.




Pre-configured 3 units have established ipv6 neighbors and then fill in the demand.

S2.10 11 Multicast this part to remind you.

S2.10 phenomenon map, SW100 show ip pim rp map that does not show lo1 or e0/2 behind the agent. I initially configured with loopback1and configured to s2.11 discovery .The return of R13 is not from the 65003 area, the boundary filter R30, R31, R10, R11 is matched but the R13 show ip pim rp map is the information of the 65003 area. I don't know if it has not yet taken effect, see s2.11 The phenomenon diagram of R13's show ip pim rp map is 10.1.113?

So I changed the proxy to e0/2.

In the later inspection process, there are still 213 in SW100 101 respectively. Directly connected to the network segment of 113.

Later, several times the phenomenon was normal.

Sec 4.1 to match hop

Others are no different.

When the large phenomenon is detected later, user4 tra does not work. The phenomenon is:


And the server 1 tracert goes back and the problem is a bit big.

Later, I re-tested and found that user4 can pass, just breathe a sigh of relief and then test and nowhere.

Think carefully, the lease of r40. There is no R41 has no dhcp, SW400 has pas vl 2000, try to no, the test is still nowhere, Fill. Check the ospf neighbors and the bgp neighbors are all up.

After all the other big phenomena were measured, I came back to think about this problem for more than an hour. I didn't solve it. It felt very strange. The 65001 area and the 65004 area have mutual routes and just do not care.

All devices are turned on to save the configuration again and carry out an assignment.


In general,

The state feels good today and rhinitis is not committed. I have a lunch with 2 chicken legs and it is very delicious!

TS1 and Diag2 are quite smooth. TS1 is finished in 1 hour but it is still carefully measured. Look at this and look at it. If you accidentally spend 1.5h. . LAB3 has been suffering from problems for a long time.

The feeling of the examination room is very different from the usual one. Just look at the battle report and say that only when I went to the battlefield today that I have this feeling. There is a kind of difference between the actual battlefield and the peacetime practice. I usually feel a little numb when I practice more. As soon as you see the various battlefields, you will be a little confused and talk about it. Exam page card The mouse floats, the keyboard is quite light.

After the ALL, all the pictures and topics are displayed. It is also very card to flip up and down. The above is a variety of diagrams, turning to the bottom is the topic but in the process of solution. If you want to see the above diagram, you have to turn up. If it is slow, you  still need to be patient.

A lot of SPOTO's candidates have already finised the test. You need to requir yourself more maturely and prepare more that ready to have a exam. No matter what result that you get, do your best is enough.


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