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Interview Question Database | Top 300+ CCIE Interview Name Questions (Part 5)

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-28
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We have shared with you about the topics of "IP Routing", "OSPF", "EIGRP" and "QOS" in [Top 300+ CCIE Interview Names] in the previous four issues. View previous issues:

►"IP Routing"

► “OSPF”


► “QOS”


In this issue, we will bring you the CCIE interview name questions related to the “BGP” topic. Xiao Bian once again reminds everyone: We are only summing up the CCIE interview questions that may be asked during the job search process. I hope to help you stand out in the job interview, and the content does not involve the CCIE exam.




► How do I configure BGP?

► How do I configure BGP with the use of a loopback address?

► What is the order of preference of attributes when some or allare applied to one neighbor in BGP?


► What does a next hop of mean in the show ip bgp commandoutput?

► What are the well-known communities of the BGP communityattribute?

► What formats can I use to configure the BGP community attribute?


► How does BGP behave differently with auto-summary enabled ordisabled?

► How can I verify if a BGP router announces its BGP networks andpropagates them to the global BGP mesh?

► When and how should I reset a BGP session?


► Is there any special configuration needed on PIX/ASA to allowBGP sessions through it?

► What is an autonomous system (AS) number and how do I obtainone?

► What is the BGP path selection criteria?


► What is the difference between always-compare-med anddeterministic-med?

► Do internal BGP (iBGP) sessions modify the next hop?

► Do external BGP (eBGP) sessions between confederations modifythe next hop?


► In external BGP (eBGP) sessions, which IP address is sent as thenext hop?

► Does the route reflector change the next hop attribute of areflected prefix?

► How can I announce a prefix conditionally to one ISP only when Ilose the connection to my primary ISP?


► How can I configure BGP to provide load sharing and redundancyin my network?

► How much memory should I have in my router to receive thecomplete BGP routing table from my ISP?

► What are the benefits of configuring BGP peer groups?


► Why do I see the same route twice from the same peer in BGP?

► What is synchronization, and how does it influence BGP routesinstalled in the IP routing table?

► How do I know which Cisco IOS software release supports aparticular BGP feature?


► How can I set the Multi Exit Discriminator (MED) value onprefixes advertised to external BGP (eBGP) neighbors to match the InteriorGateway Protocol (IGP) next hop metric?

► What is the default BGP ConnectRetry timer, and is it possibleto tune the BGP ConnectRetry timer?

► What does r RIB-Failure mean in the show ip bgp command output?


► How can I redistribute internal BGP (iBGP) learned default-route( route into EIGRP/OSPF/IS-IS?

► How can I filter all IP routes advertised to a BGP neighborexcept the default route

► How to resolve the error Protocol not in this image?


► BGP: timer-wheel running slow by 1 ticks appears in the debugoutput.

► Is it possible to track an interface and change the routeavailability?

► How does IP RIB Update allocate memory?


► What is the command to see IPv6 BGP neighbors?

► In regards to the removal of the static route “ip route10.150.0.0 Null0”, does no auto-summary in BGP cause all subnets of10.150.0.0 to be advertised?

► Why are there no statistic results when I use the debug bfdevents and debug bfd packets commands?


► Does the router have to be restarted after a new BGP NeighborMaximum Prefix is configured?

► Is there a command to check the advertised routes along with theprepend of the AS-paths?

► How does neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound command function?


► What does the %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: sent to neighbor *A.B.C.Dpassive 6/0 (cease) 0 bytes error message mean?

► What does the %IPRT-3-ROUTEINSERTERROR: Error inserting routingentry error message mean?

► Does GSR with Cisco IOS-XR support the VPLS-BGP auto-discoveryfeature as a Route Reflector?


► How do I debug routes for a particular vrf in the Cisco IOS-XRenvironment?

► What is the difference between when a route is injected in BGPvia redistribute command or a network command?

► How do I verify Layer 4 forwarding summary information?


In the next issue, we will bring you the final issue of the CCIE interview name on the topic of "MPLS", so stay tuned!


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