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You Must not Miss This Complete Timetable of CCIE Wireless Exam Updating

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  •   Posted on: 2019-08-15
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CCIE Wireless Written 400-351 Exam

CCIE Wireless 400-351 Written Exam Updating on 25th May & Stable on 30th May.

CCIE Wireless 400-351 Written Exam Updating on July 8th & Stable on 15th July

CCIE Wireless 400-351 Written Exam Updating on July 23rd & Stable on 27th July


The exam is stable & pass now. If you want to pass your exam at first try, practice the SPOTO dump will be a good choice. Our candidates are passing the exam all the time.

Last month, 308 candidates passed in July 2019.

The Updating of CCIE Wireless Lab Exam


 Mar 3,2018: CFG&TS1, DIAG1

Oct 3,2018: DIAG 2

Oct 18,2018: DIAG3

Oct 23,2018: DIAG4

Nov 8,2018: DIAG

Feb 30,2019: CFG&TS2

From June to Dec,2019: there might be small updating on lab

Feb 24,2020: CCIE Wireless Lab v3.1 will update to CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0

If you practice SPOTO lab materials 3-4 hours per day, you can pass your lab exam in 1-2 months. More study plan can be found on SPOTO Whatsapp Study Group.


SPOTO CCIE Wireless Lab Packets:

  • DIAG         5 sets        DIAG 1&1+、DIAG 2&2+、DIAG 3
  • CFG&TS    2 sets        LAB1、LAB1+


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