Pass CCIE Security Lab Exam at First Try

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-16
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My CCIE Security Lab Exam Combo:


TS1 same as SPOTO

I  checked  Q7  first:Email  thread  had  username+password/Username  was  admin;In  screenshot  also  had  username+password/Username  was  admni
So  then  I  went  to  Q1:The  device  group  was  wrong  in  ISE  screenshot/The  network  device  is  SW/And  the  group  was  FW
And  then  FTD  Q4:Outside  interface  of  FTD2  had  wrong  IP  in  configuration

nothing  special

Tips: Follow instructor guide and pracitce workbooks and solutions until no fault. most important one! if you fail spoto section tests or mock exam, do practie until you can pass the exam. cuz i did meet questions that i practice on mock exam. many thanks to spoto 


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