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An In-depth Look at the Cost and Price Breakdown of PMP Certification: A Beginner's Guide to Certification

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If you are an IT expert, you may have pondered about the PMP certification at some point, how much the PMP test costs, and where and how to begin. One thing is clear: you have made the proper decision if you have set the objectives of getting a PMP certification - and you have a bright future ahead! However, earning the PMP certification is not as straightforward as the three-letter acronym implies. Real-world project management education and experience are required for certification.

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What Exactly Is PMP?

PMP, or Project Management Professional, certification is a well-known professional title for project managers worldwide. The Project Management Institute (PMI) certifies candidates with the PMP certification.

PMP is a certification that implies demonstrated experience, education, competence, and ability in leading and executing projects. It is one of the most renowned or Gold Standard certifications issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a non-profit organization based in the United States of America.

Just like the CPA verifies your accounting expertise, the PMP certifies your ability to manage projects — and acknowledges the hard work you've already put in. This certification has a three-year validity period. There are now 1,036,367 certified PMP individuals and 314 chartered chapters located in 214 countries and territories across the globe.

The PMI, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1969. Its members are continually supported through education, networking, and rigorous project management standards, and the provision of a shared platform for communication and exchange of ideas. The first edition of the PMI's project management standard, or the PMBOK, was published in 1996 and has since been updated to the 7th edition.

It's worth noting that the PMBOK guide is updated every 4-5 years. The procedure is overseen by a committee of highly skilled practitioners in collaboration with ANSI members. In 1984, the PMI awarded its first member certificate in Philadelphia, USA. Since that time, the community of qualified PMPs has been steadily growing.

PMP is without a doubt the most desirable project management credential available today. With its certifications, standards, and guidance, the PMI institute has benefited about 3 million professionals on six continents. Additionally, PMP certification has become a prerequisite for a large number of jobs worldwide.

Professionals who have earned the PMP certification can maintain it through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program.

Now that we've covered the basics of PMP, let's look at the PMP certification cost.

What Is the Cost of the Project Management Certification?

Are you curious about the cost of PMP? It required to get 35 PDUs varies by country, ranging from $300 to $5000.

The computer-based testing (CBT) fee for the PMP exam is as follows:

  • For PMI members: $405
  • For non-members of PMI: $555

Fee Structure for Reexaminations:

  • $275 for PMI members
  • $375 for non-PMI members

To become a PMI member, an applicant must pay a $555 PMP fee at the time of application, covering both the examination and membership expenses.

Interestingly, even if an individual does not choose to join PMI, he or she will still be required to pay the same PMP exam fee.

As a result, we propose that you join for PMI membership to make paying for your PMP course fee more convenient.

After discussing the cost of the PMP certification, let us examine the renewal charge.

How Much Is the PMP Renewal Fee?

Are you confused about the PMP reexamination cost structure? After PMI verifies that an individual has satisfied the PDU requirements, the individual will receive an electronic notification inviting him or her to apply for PMP fee renewal.

PMI instructs the individual who receives the notification to pay the PMP certification renewal cost using the online certification system.

PMI Membership Status CCR Renewal Fee:

  • PMI member - $60
  • Non-PMI member - $150
Note: The membership renewal fee for PMI is distinct from the certification renewal fee. A candidate may conclude the renovation process by submitting payment at no later than 90 days from the conclusion of the cycle at any stage of his/her cycle upon fulfillment of the PDU requests.

After processing the completed application and payment for the renewal, PMI will email the candidate an updated certificate with the new active certification/CCR cycle dates. Postal delivery of the document typically takes six to eight weeks.

PMI certification holders must agree to abide by the terms of usage, which include adhering to the audit standards. In the event of an audit, the candidate may renew his/her certification only after completing the audit and adhering to all terms and conditions.


The PMI will conduct the audit procedure by randomly selecting a group of PMI certification holders. A candidate will be asked to present relevant evidence to verify any PDUs within this period.

As a result, candidates must retain all documentation relating to PDU claims for at least 18 months beyond the end of the CCR cycle.

Certificates Cancellation

At any moment, a candidate may revoke his or her certification. To do so, the candidate must write to Customer Care at

For each complete year that a candidate does not use their certification or CCR after submitting a written cancellation request, PMI will reimburse one-third of the renewal price.

If a candidate cannot complete the certification renewal process due to extenuating circumstances, he or she may contact Customer Care. PMI will evaluate and resolve all claims on an individual basis.

After learning about the cost of the PMP certification, the renewal price, and more, let us examine the benefits of this certification.

What Purpose Does the PMP Certification Serve?

The PMP certification adds value to your resume. The CIO magazine recognized this course as the top project management certification since it verifies the candidate's skills and experience.

According to PMI's most current Project Management Salary Survey, PMP holders earn 25% more than non-certified project management professionals in the United States.

What Comes Next?

The PMP certification can assist you in obtaining lucrative positions in information technology, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare, among other intriguing fields.

The Project Management Institute (PMI), the certifying body for PMP, released the "Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)", which serves as the foundation for the PMP® certification test.

The PMP exam is challenging for most professionals because it covers a broad range of topics under the PMBOK syllabus. As a result, selecting a reputable training institute is critical. SPOTO offers 100% real exam dumps with the minimum number of questions to ease your exam preparation. Additionally, you may participate in our Online PMP Certification Training Course, which covers the current best practices featured in the PMBOK Guide - 6th edition. Learn from expert practitioners to ensure that you pass the PMP® exam on your first attempt.

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