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Preparing for an exam in 2021 can be stressful at times, especially when there is a lot to learn in a short amount of time. SPOTO PMP® exam dumps, covering real exam questions, are the ideal resource for preparing and checking your preparation level continuously. It aids in PMP® exam preparation online by familiarizing you with the style and scope of the PMP® testing paper.

Here are ten up-to-date and authentic exam questions for you to practice on! Now, go ahead and give it a shot!

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An agile project is running its fifth iteration out of eight After the last iteration planning, the team was informed that there is a new competitor in the market, and it is necessary to move faster to ensure market share is not missed.

What should the project manager do?

A.   Add the competitor's functionalities to the product backlog to improve the product.

B.   Help the team to find a new approach to launch the product as soon as possible.

C.   Ask the team to increase the velocity to launch the product as soon as possible.

D.   Ask the sponsor to add more people to the team.

Correct Answer: B


One of a project manager's team members is continuously improving. This team member has been a role model and mentor to others in the organization. How should the project manager acknowledge this team member's commitment?

A.   Appreciate this team member's performance throughout the project life cycle.

B.   Send this person to a meeting to negotiate the scope with the client

C.   Promote this team member to a coaching role after this project is completed.

D.   Document it in the team member's end of year performance review.

Correct Answer: A


A project manager has been assigned to a project and receives the project charter from the project management office (PMO) The document is very clear about customer requests. During Project Scope Management, some requirements seem to be different from the ones specified within the project charter.

What should the project manager do?

A.   Explain to the sponsor that these requests could endanger the schedule and cost of the project

B.   Use a focus group and brainstorming sessions to gather more details about the project scope.

C.   Register the changes in the configuration management plan and send it to the change control board (CCB)

D.   Modify the baseline of the project for minor impact changes to the project scope

Correct Answer: C


A project manager is implementing a new software system. Some department staff members are questioning the necessity of the change and feel the new system will impede their current processes.

What should the project manager have done at the start of the project to prevent this resistance?

A.   Encouraged leadership to discuss the change with departments that are typically resistant to change

B.   Ensured that the company culture encourages changes before accepting the project.

C.   Involved stakeholders from all levels of the company so everyone understands the change

D.   Created a communications management plan that outlined the method of communicating to stakeholders

Correct Answer: C

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During the development of a product, the project manager observes conflicts between project stakeholders, resulting in deliverable and output approval delays. On which area should the project manager focus?

A.   Revisiting the project management plan to ensure deliverables are on time

B.   Reviewing the business case and identifying gaps within scope

C.   Revisiting the stakeholder engagement plan, focusing on specific overlooked stakeholders

D.   Increasing the frequency of project update meetings to keep stakeholders informed

Correct Answer: C


After a couple of iterations, the project manager decides to present the product to a key stakeholder. The stakeholder's feedback is that the team missed the mark on many features.

What should the project manager do to avoid this in the future?

A.   Evaluate the team's skills to look for someone with experience in product design and assign that person the task of rebuilding the product interface.

B.   Incorporate design thinking practices into the project life cycle to better understand the product's personas and be more effective to match their needs

C.   Set up requirements gathering sessions with all key stakeholders to evaluate the scope once again and reprioritize the backlog based on the sessions.

D.   Schedule adequate sprint demos to gather early feedback from the stakeholders and adapt the plan accordingly.

Correct Answer: C


During the execution of a project within an operations function, the project manager encounters scope changes and a delay in the delivery of critical tasks. How should the project manager address this situation?

A.   Initiate the change request to modify the scope and adjust the timelines.

B.   Call for a team meeting to decide if the changes should be included.

C.   Communicate the concerns to the project management office (PMO) during the weekly project reports.

D.   Conduct an impact analysis and present the results to the steering committee for approval.

Correct Answer: D


The programming activities of a project were planned to last 35 days per module, but the programming of the first module has taken 45 days. What should the project manager do?

A.   Ask the team to work overtime to complete the deliverable on time.

B.   Check the scope to verify if there is scope creep and get the project on schedule.

C.   Evaluate the situation and identify ways to compress the schedule without impacting baselines.

D.   Submit a change request to the project sponsor to change the schedule.

Correct Answer: C


A large project is affecting the neighborhood in which it is located. The neighbors are not satisfied with the project, and their resistance to the project may affect the project deadline.

What two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)

A.   Ask the mayor of the city to use their authority to stop neighborhood resistance

B.   Set up a meeting with neighborhood representatives to win their cooperation.

C.   Send letters to the neighbors and ask them kindly not to disturb the project

D.   Analyze the situation and find out what is causing the neighborhood's negative attitude.

E.   Ask the customer to extend the project deadline to allow time for conflict resolution.

Correct Answer: BD


After gathering all the requirements for a project with dependencies on external stakeholders, the project team is finishing the second iteration. At this point, the project manager learns about a possible change in regulations that would prevent the product launch.

What should the project manager do to realize benefits?

A.   Add an entry in the risk log.

B.   Implement the changes.

C.   Review target benefits.

D.   Improve the team's velocity.

Correct Answer: A


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