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How to Obtain PMP Certification Quickly in 2021?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-08-03
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You could be a very busy professional. You are hard at work in your field both day and night. However, acquiring a PMP certification will help your career. So, you're wondering how to get your PMP certification fast in 2021.

The easiest strategy to achieve PMP certification fast in 2021 is to prepare yourself with proper instructions. By following the methods provided, you will see if your preparation is sufficient using a multiple PMP test simulator.

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Follow the steps in this article to prepare for the PMP test in seven easy steps.

How to Get PMP Certification Fast in 2021: A Seven-Step Approach

Most of the individuals who wish to acquire a PMP certificate are professional jobholders. Despite their hectic lifestyles, they put a lot of effort into their preparation. You can readily appreciate how crucial and demanding it might be to study for the PMP exam.

However, you must follow a planned pattern to prepare for the exam. This would eventually lead you to achieve the PMP certification swiftly in your busy life in 2021. Even if you have very little time, a well-designed technique can help you prepare the best in the least time.

Therefore, what are the measures that you should take during this process? Everything might get extremely disorganized if you do not follow a methodical plan. You should take seven steps to prepare for the PMP exam in the least amount of time possible.

Step One: Determine Your Eligibility

The first and most fundamental step toward PMP certification is determining whether you meet all of the requirements. You'll need a bachelor's degree and at least three years (or 4,500 hours) of project management experience.

On the other side, if you only have a high school certificate, you will require five years of project management experience (at least 7500 hours). Additionally, 35 hours of specialized project management training are needed.

Step 2: Amass the Necessary Documents

Certificates and other documentation will be required to verify your degree and experience. You may have lost track of all your paperwork as a result of your professional activities.

As a result, amass university and 35-hour project management training certifications. Additionally, you will need to get confirmation of project management experience from your supervisor.

Step 3: Enroll in PMP Exam Prep Courses

Even if you have 35 hours of training, you should enroll in a PMP preparation course. This can be accomplished through online or in-person classes. There are two primary advantages:

To begin, the courses will concentrate on the guidelines contained in the PMBOK manual. Second, you can utilize any idle time you have in between your daily work tasks.

SPOTO offers the online PMP exam prep courses which can be accessed anytime and anywhere to help you obtain 35 contact hours. After learning SPOTO’s PMP course, you will be prepared to successfully take the PMP exam and have the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to take the next step in your career.

Step 4: Purchase Additional Exam Study Guides

By this point, you'll have two resources at your disposal. The first is the authoritative PMBOK guide. This can be obtained by paying the PMI's membership fee. Alternatively, there are websites where you can get the handbook for free.

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Furthermore, you have lecture notes and flashcards from the exam preparation course you previously enrolled in.

Also, you may purchase additional guidebooks for less than a hundred dollars. These books will assist you in developing a thorough knowledge of project management. Moreover, they will incorporate images that help learners in becoming more efficient and successful.

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Step 5: Schedule and Register for the PMP Test

You can register for the PMP test whether or not you are a PMI member. In either scenario, you will be taxed over $550 in total. You will be required to present all relevant documents acquired in the second phase during the exam application process.

Following registration, you can schedule your exam date, subject to availability. Additionally, you may cancel and reschedule your appointment up to 30 days before the initially booked date.

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Step 6: Practice with Mock Exams

After completing all resources and courses, it's time to schedule a brief preparation period. This will be a quick and intense process. You will review all of the things you have learned in this section.

Additionally, you can take many practice exams using PMP exam simulators. Mock tests will help you gain a better understanding of the real-world experience. Eventually, you will be able to prepare entirely within the constraints of your hectic schedule.

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Step 7: Take and Pass the PMP Examination

The exam is the final step on your route to PMP certification. Ensure that you have 30 minutes early for your examination. You should maintain a calm and steady demeanor.

Additionally, you should begin with difficult questions and respond confidently. The entire exam will last 230 minutes. Be motivated to pursue certification in professional project management following the completion of the exam.


For a working professional, the PMP certification is a highly valuable and significant credential. The exam is incredibly challenging and requires extensive study. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a quick way to obtain PMP certification in 2021, the seven-step technique may be the most successful. Pass your PMP exam with SPOTO 100% real exam dumps in 14 days!

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